Workshop facilitation

Dialogues, Talking Circles, Salons

In my work with organisations I often see how difficult it is to integrate new inspiring ideas and self management into daily practices & habits, in particular in meeting practices.  People are still used to engage in debates rather than dialogues.  Different forms of dialogue can be implemented for exploring complex or strategic topics with a group, resolve tension or conflict, listen to all voices in the room, …         

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We offer:

  • Facilitation of Dialogues, Talking circles, Salons, … with small or large groups 
  • Coaching & training of leaders, teams or internal coaches in implementing a “dialogue culture” throughout their entire organisation
  • Help transforming the “meeting practices” of an organisation 
  • In-company, on-site, in Dutch, English, French 

Co-creation, Creativity & Innovation

How to develop an Innovation Culture in your organisation? How to realise a day-to-day practice where every teamleader or even employee can facilitate co-creation, can initiate and coach creative ideation sessions, can implement the results of creative sessions?   

We offer:

  • Facilitation of brainstorm & ideation sessions, co-creation, participative techniques (World Café, Open Space) 
  • Coaching on creativity, design thinking, co-creation, developing an innovation culture
  • Train-the-trainer, coaching of internal facilitators, …
  • In-company, on-site
  • In Dutch, English, French (Spanish, Italian, German) working together with co-facilitators of TabulaCrea network (network of creative facilitators)

Multi-stakeholder Co-Creation

We support entrepreneurs and innovators in the creation of ecosystems and new business models for a circular and sustainable economy.

By facilitating the organization of events, workshops, coaching of multiple stakeholders.