Change, Co-creation & Facilitation

Managing Change 

In order to successfully manage any change or transition in organizations (merges,  people, purpose, …) the tangible AND intangible part of the organization have to be approached simultaneously.

Often change projects fail when they are focused on 1 aspect only, e.g. transition to self-management without new decision-making procedures. Or they fail because of too much focus on the systems, and not enough on engaging employees and making their hearts sing. Guidance of an expert is not a luxury to help balance the flow of change in an organization.

EarthWays has experience in the following subjects:

Teal & Lean practices & processes (Reinventing Organisations – F. Laloux), self-management, working with roles & talents, developing a vibrant & intercultural company culture, dialogue -based communication, group dynamics, employee engagement.

EarthWays can help you through coaching, workshops, teachings with leaders, internal coaches, teams, the whole organization – in Dutch and English.

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Facilitating co-creation & multi-stakeholder participation

Involving people to co-create (the future of) their organization by developing ideas, solutions, projects, … is a guarantee for a strong employee engagement, very different from consulting your employees through a survey. Being asked to deploy one’s own creativity, brainstorm in round tables, speak out, and work & play together on ‘serious’ matters, brings out high levels of energy and engagement if facilitated properly. 

This does not apply to employees only, all stakeholders can be invited in this process. Organizing stakeholder participation is a powerful tool to develop a resilient multi-stakeholder ecosystem. When all stakeholders are ‘in the same room’, gathered in dialogue, tension or potential conflict can be overcome and the best solution for all can be found.  

Facilitation is the magic at work. The facilitator creates the space in which the team feels safe to express themselves. It is in this space that the whole becomes more than its parts, sparks of ingenuity come out of the group, bonding is happening.

EarthWays can help you with:

participative strategy development (vision, mission, strategic & operational business plans), multi-stakeholder participation,

facilitating  about any  type of creative or participatory process with about any size of group: large multi-stakeholder events/World Cafés, name co-creation, dialogue or talking circles, strategic vision/mission exercises, values workshops, EarthStorms, transformative team events,…

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