Change, Co-creation & Facilitation

A Holistic view on Change 

In order to successfully transform an organization,  the tangible AND intangible part of the organization as well as the individual AND collective have to be approached simultaneously.

Often change projects fail when they are focused on 1 aspect only, e.g. transition to self-management without learning new practices and new decision-making procedures. Or they fail because too much time is taken in a linear step-by-step approach and momentum is lost to engage employees and make their hearts sing.

Careful guidance is needed to help balance the flow of change in an organization. Our EarthWays coaches have experience in assisting clients  on tangible governance practices as well as on the more intangible culture dynamics. We can train and coach your teams in Teal & Lean practices & processes (Reinventing Organisations – F. Laloux), self-management  & consent decision making, working with roles instead of functions. And we can help you develop a healthy and vibrant company culture. We teach dialogue (instead of debate)-based communication, help teams to understand and transform underlying dynamics with team constellations or corporate rituals.

This work can be done through coaching & training of leaders, internal coaches, or the whole team, on- or off-site, in Dutch and English.

Co-creation & multi-stakeholder participation

Co-creation is a high level of participation in an organization, with only co-decision making and self-management being even more radical choices. Being invited to create ideas, solutions, projects, … together is very motivating for employees. Being asked to deploy one’s own creativity, brainstorm in groups, speak out, and play together can bring out high levels of energy and engagement if facilitated properly.

Organizing stakeholder participation is a powerful tool to create a resilient multi-stakeholder ecosystem. When we look at all the stakeholders of an organization, we see the impact of our strategy and actions. 

Facilitation is the magic that happens 

Facilitation is the invisible work, the magic that happens during a group process. The facilitator creates the space in which the team feels safe to express themselves, to speak out. It is in this space that the whole becomes more than its parts, sparks of ingenuity come out of the group, bonding is happening. Sometimes the facilitator is Master of Ceremony, or coach, sometimes he or she is almost invisible, off- scene, like a film Director. This is the when we train your people as tabel facilitators so they are the active agents in the participation process. We design the scenario for the event and make sure everything happens as planned. 

Within our network of experienced facilitators, we can handle about any  type of creative or participatory process with about any size of group:  large multi-stakeholder events/World Caf├ęs, name co-creation, product development, dialogues or talking circles, strategic vision/mission exercises, Identity workshops, EarthStorms, transformative team events, corporate rituals, etc…