Governance & Culture Change

A Holistic view on Organizational Change 


In order to successfully transform an organization, the tangible & intangible part of the organization as well as the individual & collective level have to be approached simultaneously.


Often change projects fail if they are only focused on 1 aspect, e.g. moving into self management only without learning new practices that determine the company culture. Or they fail because too much time is taken in a linear step-by-step approach and momentum is lost to engage employees into the transition.

Careful transition guidance is needed to help balance this flow of change. Within our EarthWays team we have experienced coaches who assist clients on transition management, on the tangible governance and systems changes and on the more intangible culture change.  Based on our experience with Teal coaching, we focus a lot on Personal Leadership (see section e-Co Leadership) and the explicit adoption of new Practices. 



In order to integrate co-creation, participation and self management into your organization, you’ll have to learn new ways of working together, new ways of structuring the organization and teams, new processes of communicating and taking decisions.  


Our EarthWays consultants can help you with all these operational and strategic aspects of your business: organizational structure, agile & participative operating systems & processes, roles & responsibilities, hands-on practices for decision making, etc…    





In our work with organizations we often see how difficult it is to integrate new inspiring ideas and self management into the culture and daily conversation habits of people.  People are still used to engage in debate rather than dialogue.  Dialogue is key to a co-creative company culture.

Read the full article “About Dialogue” here


Organizations that explore a non-hierarchical way of working often face dynamics that are playing “under the waterline”. With no boss anymore in every team or no physical desk for everybody anymore, people can have difficulty finding their place, informal hierarchies can take over, people freeze or become chaotic. In order to handle these dynamics, a culture of open communication is essential, and the willingness to bring these intangible to the surface.         


We work with team constellations, dialogue process, non-violent communication, Deep Democracy tools, corporate rituals,… to develop a vibrant and healthy culture.

This can be through coaching & training of leaders or internal coaches, or work with the whole team together, on- or off-site, in Dutch and English.