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Nature Retreats

A Nature Retreat, Earth Solo or Vision Quest is an opportunity for reconnecting with nature, resetting your personal life purpose, taking a step in your personal quest for new vision and for growing in leadership, wisdom & compassion.

Immersion in nature like Forest Bathing, not only provides the necessary pure air we need but gives us mental space and deepens our compassion for all life. Connection with the Earth, from a simple walk in silence to a Solo in the woods or a Vision Quest, gives us tremendous opportunities for growth and transformation. And by falling in love with the beauty of nature again, we serve the planet since we will never be the same again after we listened to the soul of the forest.  

“I felt like a privileged inhabitant of this planet who, as part of nature, could witness the magic of the sunrise. The animals and the plants honour this moment every day. For me it was probably the first time in my half a century of existence to take time for it.” 

It’s in our Nature – read full article here

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Nature Ceremonies 

Indigenous people are naturally connected to the elements and to the changes in nature. We can learn from them how nature rituals can help us in supporting major transformations in our communities. 

Seasons rituals can help us to celebrate the cycles of life and  synchronize our projects with what is happening in nature. Fire walks have existed for thousands of years, they help us to confirm what our passion really is. Through Nature ceremonies we can help support transformations in your organization or community. 

Contact for more info. Chris is member of “Corporate Rituals“.  

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ALBIERES – Cathar country, 50km south of Carcassonne, France

Please contact Chris if you want a tailor-made EarthWays Nature Retreat in France for your group or company

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Nature Retreat – PORTUGAL, Aljezur

ALJEZUR – Nature reserve Vale da Nora, Algarve, Portugal

Please contact Chris if you want a tailor-made EarthWays Nature Retreat in Portugal for your group or company

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