Why go on a Nature Retreat?

A Nature Retreat is an opportunity for resourcing, resetting your personal life purpose, taking a step in your personal quest for new vision and for growing in leadership, wisdom & compassion.

Nature is our biggest teacher, mirror and unlimited source of energy and inspiration. It’s in our nature as humans to be connected with nature and the intelligence of the Earth.

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“I felt like a privileged inhabitant of this planet who, as part of nature, could witness the magical occurrence of the sunset. The animals and the plants honour this moment every day. For me it was probably the first time in my half a century of existence to take time for it.” 


Upcoming Nature Retreats

Spring Nature Retreat – PORTUGAL

ALJEZUR – Nature reserve Vale da Nora, Algarve, Portugal

7 APRIL – 13 APRIL 2020 / Starts Tuesday around noon, ends Monday morning

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Summer Nature Retreat – FRANCE

ALBIERES – Cathar country, 50km south of Carcassonne, France

26 – 31 AUGUST 2019 / Starts Monday afternoon, ends Saturday morning

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