EarthWays Purpose

Our purpose  

The intention of EarthWays is to co-create a regenerative future for people & planet. We want to contribute to a warm & healthy world for the generations to come, a world with more balance between human and nature, between doing and being, where compassion, dreaming, creativity and leadership are valued.


Our mission & what we’re doing

We believe that the economy should be at the service of a fair society within the boundaries of the planet. We help for-profit and social profit organizations to integrate human values and ecological sustainability in both their strategy and daily practices. We coach organizations to discover and define their vision, purpose, mission & identity. We facilitate ecological transition and other change processes, and assist management teams to transform their governance, practices and culture. We offer personal leadership coaching & retreats for individuals to resource, reconnect with their authentic self & nature, guiding them in their personal quest for purpose and vision.  


Our worldview & values 

What we do is embedded in a holistic, positive, earth-based view of the world and people.  We are inspired by systemic work, holism, art, intercultural and eco-psychology, indigenous wisdom. We belief that we, humans, are deeply connected with nature, we are part of the earth, the web of life. In this living, animated world, there is no ‘matter’  without energy. We feel the shift from EGO-to-ECO needs to happen on all levels: on the personal, interpersonal, organizational and societal/planetary, and begins with personal eco-leadership.

EarthWays is a way of living from the heart, it’s a way of working & playing, it’s a way of being. We call it: walking in beauty, co-creative, connected, courageous and pure.   


Our clients & partners

We have been working for social profit, government and for-profit organizations: De Vleugels, Verso/Ecoswitch, Hagewinde, Emiliani, Blijdorp, Zorgpunt Waasland, Twinds, Jeugddienst Don Bosco, Stuk, Arenberg Schouwburg, Universiteit Antwerpen, Vlaamse Overheid/Kanselarij & Bestuur, Leyqi, DBM, Konsilanto, Airbus, Toyota Europe, Candelaershuys, Farys, Odisee Hogeschool, De Nederlandsche Bank, Solidagro, …

Over the years we worked together with: Gruund, Corporate Rituals, Chamai, Koen Vandyck, Emagine centre, Levuur, Contutti, Indiville, Gramma, Total Identity, Jan Callebaut/Why5 Research

Because we believe in authenticity, we don’t use stock photography.  We have seen all images on the website with our own eyes.  All pictures are EarthWays property & copyright protected. Please do not copy them.