EarthWays Purpose


The intention of EarthWays is to co-create a sustainable positive future, combining ancient wisdom with contemporary organisations & new technologies and using our collective wisdom & creativity.

Goal – What we’re doing

In the corporate & organisation world we coach leadership, we help organisations to define their vision, purpose & identity and to transform their culture.  We facilitate dialogue & co-creation and teach new practices and ways of communicating and working together.  We offer Nature Retreats for people to resource, reconnect with their authentic selves, each other & the Earth, guiding them in their personal quest for purpose and vision.  EarthWays also is a space for Art & Creativity.

Values & Worldview 

The belief in Courage, Creativity & Compassion and the love for life itself are at the heart of EarthWays.What we do is embedded in a holistic, systemic, earth-based view of the world and people.  We are inspired by contemporary eco-psychology & shamanism, systemic work, complexity, ancient & indigenous wisdom.

Because we believe in authenticity, we don’t use stock photography.  We have seen all images on the website with our own eyes.  All pictures are EarthWays property & copyright protected.