Coaching of Leadership Teams

A Management or Leadership team can decide to work based on “shared” or co-leadership but still has to build its unique tribal order: are we operating like a herd, a wolf pack or a flock of geese? Does everybody have their place?  How to build on everybody’s talents?  How to take decisions?  How to resolve conflicts?   

We offer:

  • Coaching of teams on systemic dynamics (systemic constellations, deep democracy), non-violent communication, roles & responsibilities, dialogue & different forms of co-decision making.
  • In-company coaching, training & retreats designed for your specific needs (e.g. working with horses)
  • With Dutch, French, English-speaking teams

e-Co Leadership 

My work as a Teal coach (Reinventing Organisations – Laloux) led me to writing “e-Co Leadership, a Leadership approach for the Ecosystems of Tomorrow”.  e-Co Leadership is our concept of Leadership for the organisations of tomorrow: e-Co refers to personal leadership, shared or Co-Leadership, leading ecosystems and connecting with the intelligence of nature itself. 

Read full article on e-Co Leadership

We offer:

  • Inspirational talks, masterclasses or workshops on the topic of e-Co Leadership (e.g. Airbus Talk in Munich and workshop in Toulouse in 2017)
  • Salons or Dialogues (e.g. Salons on “Complexity & e-Co Leadership” in Belgium together with Claudius Van Wyk) 
  • In Dutch and English