Leadership Coaching

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

As a coach, I offer my coachees a safe space for personal transformation and growth, for finding clarity & deep insights in complex human matters. Together we explore difficult dynamics through constellations, mirroring and nature coaching. I help people to integrate new mindful habits, breathing & grounding practices in their daily work & life. I help my coachees become more balanced leaders and more compassionate & happy people.    

  • Personal Coaching & Mentoring – individual coaching sessions of 2-3h, often in nearby park or nature area
  • By Chris Hoerée: psychologist, systemic constellation coach, nature coach

Team ‘Teal & Systemic’ Coaching

A Leadership Team can decide to work based on the ‘Teal’ principles of “shared” or co-leadership but still has to build its unique tribal order. Even in a self-managing Leadership Team there is a natural ‘order’, a team has to decide if it wants to operate  like a herd, a wolfpack or a flock of geese? It is essential that everybody has his/her place? How to build on everybody’s talents?  How to take decisions together?  How to resolve conflicts?

  • In-company Coaching of leadership teams – workshops & retreats 
  • By Chris Hoerée: psychologist, systemic constellation coach, nature coach

eCo Leadership 

Based on her experience as a Teal Coach, Chris Hoerée wrote the essay: “e-Co Leadership, a Leadership approach for the Ecosystems of Tomorrow”. We introduced the concept of eCo Leadership in the Leadership University of  Airbus in Munich & Toulouse.

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We offer:

  • Inspirational talks, masterclasses or workshops on e-Co Leadership
  • Support to HR to design internal leadership programs