Purpose, Identity & Branding

Vision, Mission, Purpose 

What is the vision & mission of your organisation?  How do you define and co-create a strong purpose involving your team and stakeholders? What are your core principles and values?  What are your products and services? What is your added value and for whom? What is your Story? 

We offer: 

  • A Co-creative Why-How-What Canvas Workshop
  • In a 1- or 2-day workshop with your team 
  • Presentation & summary with a completed Business “Why-How-What” Canvas
  • In-company, on- or offsite, on- or offline 
  • In Dutch or English
  • mailto:chrishoeree@earthways.eu

Identity, Values & Company culture

We help you to define the identity, the brand expression, and desired culture of your organisation – together with your people. Employee engagement increases considerably when teams get the opportunity to co-create the company values and explore what they mean for their particular job, their daily reality.

We offer:

  • A Co-creative Identity & Values Workshop
  • In a 1- or 2-day workshop focusing on:
    • defining & exploring the identity & company values 
    • implementing & translating the values into the day-to-day practices
  • In-company, on- or offsite, on- or offline
  • in Dutch or English
  • mailto:chrishoeree@earthways.eu

Branding & Name Co-creation

We facilitate the full process required to come to a relevant and strong name for your brand or organisation and work together with a design agency to develop a great logo and corporate identity.

In our 25 years of experience, we developed a robust process to help you create a great brand or company name.  We start defining a naming strategy and a name scorecard together, we facilitate a co-creative Namestorm.  We facilitate the process of selection and decision making.  


Our story of 25 years of co-creating Brand names.