Purpose & Identity

Co-creating the Vision, Mission & Purpose of your organisation

What is the emerging future of your organisation?  How do you define and co-create a strong vision and purpose involving your team and stakeholders?   How do you make your WHY-HOW-WHAT canvas future proof? How do you engage and inspire your team around a purpose? 

We offer: 

  • 2 x 1/2 day or 1-day workshop(s) with your team(s) 
  • Report with completed business Why-How-What canvas
  • In-company, on- or offsite 
  • In Dutch, French and English

Defining the Identity & desired Culture of your organisation

We help you to define the values, identity and desired culture of your organisation, together with your people. The outcome is a verbal & visual compass. Teams can now creatively determine what the company values mean for their particular job and clients.

We offer:

  • ½ or 1-day workshops focusing on:
    • defining the identity, brand personality & values 
    • clarifying the positioning, stakeholder map, value propositions
    • implementing & translating the values into the day-to-day 
  • In-company, on- or offsite
  • in Dutch, French and English

Our partner Yools delivers Webdesign.

Name Co-creation

We facilitate the full process required to come to a relevant and strong name for your brand or organisation.

We start with defining a naming strategy and a name scorecard together, we facilitate a co-creative Namestorm.  We can provide a full integration of the results and a recommendation and facilitate the decision making process.  

View more info on our approach & experience with Name Creation here.