Nature Retreat Albières 2018 – Testimonials

“Participating in a Nature Retreat with Chris Hoerée helped me to reignite my innate connection with nature and it’s incredible ability to assist me in my own personal development. Chris has a gentle, yet profound, method of engaging each participant in their own personal journey, at their own pace, in their own way, and yet being part of the group. I loved every minute of the Nature Retreat, met some wonderful people and look forward to the next one.”

Bríd, Ireland

“I felt like a privileged inhabitant of this planet who, as part of nature, could witness the magical occurrence of the sunset. The animals and the plants honour this moment every day. For me it was probably the first time in my half a century of existence to take time for it.

The night in the open air, the starlit sky and the moon, waking over us together with the fire of Ross & Chris – the silence, the intimacy and softness of the natural world – the climax to the sunrise with the birds singing abundantly – the connection with myself, my spot on Mother Earth.” 

Claudine, Belgium

“Having met Chris in a corporate setting, I had no idea what to expect from the nature retreat she invited me to join. So I went along out of pure curiosity. It turned out to be a wonderful 5 days of disconnection with the distractions of everyday life and reconnection with self, with others and, most importantly, with mother earth. Personally, it was a very privileged week of exploration and confirmation about what’s important to me in my life now and what I had forgotten that made me happy in the past. A real return to the source which, even months later, I am still benefitting from and building on. Thank you Chris, Ross and the rest of the group for this unique and special experience.”

Aine, France

The Nature Retreat exceeded my expectations in every respect.  To start with, it was a fantastic place (both the nature and the house) that brought me into a different world from the first hour.  There was the program that offered  a powerful framework for personal experiences and insights.  But most of all, it was the attentive and loving style of Chris & Ross’s guidance that made the whole experience extremely meaningful and unforgettable. 

Koen, Belgium     

“To recognise and name my blind spot in the warm & safe space of the individual sessions with Chris.  Carried by the energy of the group.”   

I brought a treasure of experiences back home. Old habits start to untie, little by little a path is unfolding.  A renewed version of myself can develop.”

Claudine, Belgium