Nature Retreat – FRANCE, Auverne-Rhône-Alpes


Nature is our biggest teacher, mirror and unlimited source of energy and inspiration. As humans we are naturally connected to the energies and intelligence of the Earth. A Nature Retreat is an opportunity for resourcing, resetting your personal life purpose, taking a step in your personal quest for new vision and for growing in leadership, wisdom & compassion.

For everybody who wants to 

  • Revitalize, resource, unplug, res(e)t, de-stress, heal, receive new energy for new beginnings
  • Re-connect with your authentic self, feel at home again in nature, connect with your intuition and your inner power
  • Listen to silence, to your body, to nature, find answers in what the universe is whispering in your ears, open up for what is emerging
  • Grow, transform, learn, get clarity on your personal quest, your purpose and direction
  • Enjoy the magic of “being”, the beauty of the earth and life itself



The retreat is a 4-day deep intuitive & experiential transformation process both individually and in group (min. 6 – max. 10 people).

Through the 4 directions you explore your personal quest: in the West you let go of old patterns, in the North you surrender to silence, in the East you receive your vision, in the South we integrate. We do this through sound baths, healing work, ceremonies, trance journeying, deep listening & dialogue with each other and nature, solo time alone in nature and forest bathing. We go offline for the time of the retreat and sense the time based on the cycle of the sun, the moon and the stars, we live with the elements, close to nature. We reconnect with the Earth and feel that we are born free.

The retreat will be held in English, Dutch and/or French depending on the language spoken by participants. Before the retreat, we will ask you to formulate your intention and send you info to prepare both practically and psychologically.    


Chris Hoerée (EarthWays) : psychologist, systemic & leadership coach, facilitator, nature wisdom coach inspired by indigenous traditions & shamanic practices. Chris guided several Nature Retreats and Earth Solo’s in France, Portugal and Belgium.     

Eva Jeremie: sound healer, forest therapy guide, forest bathing guide, keeper of the place & retreat house Sonnaterra   


When & Where: 

We start on 8/7 at 10.00 and close on 12/7 at 12.00. Participants can arrive the evening before and set up tents etc. as from 16.00.  

The retreat takes place at Sonnaterra, retreat house of Eva Jeremie, close to the village of Saint-Germain l’Herm, in the Puy-de-Dôme (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region). The place is at 1000m altitude and surrounded by forests.


The price for the 4-day retreat in a small group (max.10 participants) guided by 2 experienced coaches is 600€ (excl. VAT) for the retreat itself and 100€ for food for the 4 days. 

As for accommodation, there are different options: 

  • own tent or camper on Eva’s land: 20€/ pt per night
  • vintage caravan: 60€/per night
  • in nearby gîte: rooms with shared toilet and shower at 50€/per night for single occupancy or 30€/per night for shared twin room

All accommodation types have access to the shared spaces (bathroom, kitchen, salon, garden, fireplace). During the retreat we will cook together healthy vegetarian meals. We will accommodate all dietary requirements of the participants. During the retreat no alcohol is served or permitted.        

Registration & booking of your accommodation 

You register for the Nature Retreat by sending an email to Chris & Eva:         –

Your spot is booked after payment of the price for the retreat: 600€ (excl. VAT). If you request an invoice, please add the necessary details in your email.

For booking your accommodation and specific dietary requests, please email to Eva at 

If you cancel your booking 2 months prior to the retreat, 90% of the total amount is paid back, 1 month prior to the retreat, 50% of total amount is paid back, less than 2 weeks before the retreat, only the cost for the food will be paid back. In case the organizers have to cancel the retreat, the total amount will be paid back.      

For more information, you can contact:

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Chris Hoerée

Psychologist, personal leadership coach, facilitator, nature wisdom coach

Eva Jeremie

Soundhealer, forest bathing guide, keeper of the place


July 2024 from 8/7, 10.00 - 12/7, 12.00


Sain-Germain l'Herm, Puy-de-Dôme, AUVERGNE-RHONE-ALPES, FRANCE - Deep intuitive & experiential healing & transformation in nature -


600€ (excl VAT) + food & accommodation

Book my spot

Book my spot

To register, fill in the form or send an email.  

Payment of the price for the retreat (600€ excl.VAT) is required in order to confirm your reservation. 

Please send all necessary details if you require a VAT invoice (company name, VAT number, address). 

If company