Nature Wisdom for leaders & coaches – BELGIUM, Geetbets

For Leaders & Coaches 

who want to Re-Connect with nature, with your authentic self, connect with your intuition and your inner power, feel at home under the stars again, 

Listen to silence, to your body, to nature, find answers in what the universe is whispering in your ears, open up for what is emerging

Grow, transform, get clarity on your personal quest, your purpose and direction

Learn from our biggest teacher and mirror, understand how nature can help you as a coach and leader, how you can bring nature wisdom in your work and organization   

Enjoy the magic & the beauty of the earth and life itself, resource, receive new energy for new adventures 


A 2-day workshop providing a deep intuitive & experiential learning and transformation process both individually and in group.

Through the 4 directions you explore your personal quest: in the West we let go, in the North we surrender to silence, in the East we receive our vision, in the South we integrate. We learn to work with nature rituals, medicine walks in the wood, connecting with the old trees, Solo time in nature during the night, deep listening & dialogue. We go offline for the time of the workshop and stay close to the elements gathering in a beautiful yurt on the domain.

The workshop is in Dutch or English depending on the language spoken by participants.


To be confirmed. 


Chris Hoerée

Psychologist, facilitator & leadership coach - member of Corporate Rituals


22-23 September 2022


DE HEERLIJCKYT - Weg op Halen 2B, 3450 Geetbets (Diest)



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Book my spot

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