Article on eCo Leadership

Reinventing organisations means reinventing leadership. Leadership Consciousness is the basis for a new leadership approach needed for today’s organizations. This future leadership is about co-creation, it is about shared leadership and the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to manage transformation processes successfully. Read the article here

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25 years of Name Co-Creation

A new name brings new energy. In the early nineties, I was in charge of the first naming projects for Toyota cars in Europe: Avensis, Yaris, Aygo… These names were the result of a strategic and co-creative process involving multiple stakeholders and customers. In the meantime the naming landscape has…

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The Sculpture of Ross Olson

View portfolio here. Bio I come from the beautiful state of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.  Growing up on a farm in Oregon, having lived in the desert of New-Mexico, the elements have always been part of my life; the beauty of nature is my biggest inspiration. …

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