Nature Retreats

Spring Nature Retreat, 15-20 April, Cathar Country (France)  Nature is our biggest teacher, mirror and unlimited source of energy and inspiration.

This Spring Nature Retreat is an opportunity for resourcing, planting your seeds of new vision, and growth in leadership, wisdom and compassion.     

For everybody who wants to: 

  • Revitalize, recharge, unplug
  • Connect with your authentic self, with your inner power
  • Listen to silence, your heart and what nature and the universe is whispering in your ear
  • Grow, transform, get clarity on your personal quest, your purpose and direction
  • Enjoy the magic and beauty of nature
  • Integrate and impact your life, work and community with new wisdom and compassion 

Upcoming Spring Nature retreat from 15-20 April in Domaine de Marseille (Albières, close to Carcassonne, France), see details in folder attached. 

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Or contact Chris for more info:  

Late Summer Nature Retreat planned from 2-7 September in Assaladou, Nébias, France


e-Co Leadership Retreats

Reinventing organizations
means reinventing leadership

e-Co Leadership is a process of transformation that starts with a personal journey of growth in consciousness, your personal Why-How-What.

  • You get clarity on your personal purpose, on what drives you and gives real meaning and motivation,
  • You rediscover what gives you energy and joy, you enhance your authentic presence and sharpen your intuition,
  • You develop interpersonal communication skills and become more aware of your patterns of interacting,
  • You explore and crystallize what you want to contribute, create, prototype, realize in the world.

An “e-Co Leadership for Coaches” Program will be organized in 2018.   

In-company retreats can be organized on request.

Please contact Chris for more info: