Leadership & Organisation

Inspirational Talks

e-Co Leadership is a concept of Leadership for the organizations of tomorrow; it refers to Leadership Consciousness, Co-Leadership, leading ecosystems and the intelligence of nature itself. 

We offer inspirational talks, circle dialogues, workshops around the subject of the future of Leadership. In Dutch and English


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Coaching of Leadership Teams

A Leadership team can decide to work based on shared leadership but still has to build its unique tribal order: are we operating like a herd, a wolf pack or a flock of geese? Does everybody have their place?

Coaching of leadership teams on systemic patterns (systemic constellations), communication, roles & responsibilities, co-creative practices. In-company coaching, training & retreats (e.g. working with horses as mirror of the team) With Dutch, French, English-speaking teams

Facilitation of Transformation

In order to successfully change an organization, all 4 quadrants: the tangible, the intangible, individual and collective aspects of the organization have to be approached, ideally simultaneously.

Together with a management team and/or a team of consultants, facilitate the change process towards a Teal, self-managing, purpose & values driven, agile, … organization (incl. structure, strategy, culture, purpose, values, employee engagement, talent development, roles, practices, …)